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Toolbox – A Look at Sales Methodologies With a Game-Changing Impact on Revenue Performance

Sales methodologies implemented and adopted effectively can have a game-changing impact on revenue performance. In this Toolbox article, Jake Sorofman, MetaCX President, takes a look at understanding the relative performance of different methodologies, adoption and usage by different functions and teams, and how these methodologies are implemented and operationalized.

CMSWire – In Customer Experience, Accidents Happen in the Intersections

As consumers, we’re all painfully aware of what a bad customer experience looks like. For me, it’s when the customer service rep asks for the exact same information that I provided to the interactive voice response system and/or shared with the two other reps on the escalation path.

MetaCX Appoints Jill Chiara as Chief Revenue Officer

MetaCX today announced its appointment of Jill Chiara to the newly created role of chief revenue officer. In this role, Chiara will lead the sales, customer success, and professional service teams. She will report to MetaCX President Jake Sorofman.

Survey: B2B SaaS Execs Bullish on Sales Methodologies, See Value Engineering as Game Changing

MetaCX today revealed the results of its “The State of Sales Methodologies in B2B SaaS,” a primary research survey which indexed the attitudes of 400 individual contributors, managers and executives working in revenue and customer roles for North American B2B SaaS companies.

ZDNet – A Company to Watch

“I expected to be pretty impressed, and I was impressed way more than I expected.” That’s some high praise from Paul Greenberg. We were thrilled to be highlighted in Social CRM: The Conversation. The article includes Paul’s opinion that there is nothing like MetaCX and our approach to lifecycle management on the market.

Martech Zone – Manage Customer LifeCycles Collaboratively With Outcome-Based Selling

Buyers at SaaS and digital product companies feel a lack of confidence that sales promises will be kept. What happens after the deal is signed? MetaCX has built a platform that transforms how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together.

MetaCX Announces Major Product Advancements to Digitally Transform the B2B Customer Experience

MetaCX today announced a major product release that brings together a powerful collection of capabilities for managing B2B customer relationships at scale.

Customers Want You to Take the Lead. Here’s Why.

Any parent will confirm that, despite often vigorous protests to the contrary, children actually want to be held accountable. Clear rules and boundaries governing how to operate in a complicated world are welcomed by those without the experience to navigate on their own.

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