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Value Use Cases

Reorienting Business Relationships on the Creation of Value

MetaCX optimizes the flow of value across the entire enterprise value chain, connecting vendors, customers, partners, and teams in a shared system of record for value creation.

Customer Value Delivery

Connect with your customers to put value at the center of the customer experience and continuously prove value delivery. Ensure continuous alignment on the outcomes that define success by creating a tight linkage between the outcomes sold in the sales cycle and the ones you deliver and prove throughout the customer lifecycle.

Collaborate with customers in a co-owned, digital space that ensures shared focus on goals, milestones, metrics and action plans.

Transform the customer lifecycle from disconnected silos to one “steel thread” digital experience that centers on the delivery of outcomes.

Gain real-time insight into when customers are veering off course so that you can take immediate action to ensure long term success.

Unlock the expansion movement by demonstrating proof of value through quantitative measures of your product’s impact.

Vendor Value Realization

Connect with your vendors to create accountability and ensure you are receiving the value promised. Collaborate on the outcomes you’re looking to achieve and visualize your own data related to the use, adoption, and effectiveness of vendor products and services.

Set clear expectations for each vendor partnership by working together to define and document your team’s desired outcomes.

Mitigate sensitivity to data access and control by leveraging a neutral third party platform that ensures no single participant has any asymmetric advantage.

Close the loop by establishing a true correlation between your investments and the achievement of your goals and objectives.

Establish a consistent, repeatable process for proof of performance across your entire vendor network.

Team Value Creation

Connect with those in your functional area to track your team’s creation of value and impact on overarching company initiatives. Understand the value you’re creating and where improvements can be made to ensure team growth and ultimately, company success.

Foster internal alignment and accelerate time to value by establishing desired outcomes for your specialty in a shared, digital space.

Outline step-by-step action plans that everyone in your speciality can access, collaborate on, and track in real time.

Gain internal trust and respect by demonstrating the value your specialty creates and the impact you have on company success.

Compare value creation efforts and establish industry benchmarks by linking with outside specialities within your field of expertise.

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