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Value Builders Ep. 35 - Nicci Bosco

Nicci Bosco, Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, joins the Value Builders podcast to share her thoughts on building trust with customers through strong listening skills, using perspective to solve problems, and making investments to serve veterans at LinkedIn

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

The pandemic has presented an opportunity to reflect on what matters most in our personal and professional lives. In business, it has created an opportunity to reflect on how companies are managing customers, and it has given customers a window of opportunity to re-evaluate their supplier relationships.

Value Builders Ep. 34 - Michael Sachs

In this episode of Value Builders, Michael Sachs, Head of Customer Success Value Methodology & Strategy at Slack, sits down to share how he thinks about the language of value while explaining how organizations can use it to unify to effectively manage customers.

From Revenue Revolutionaries to Value Builders

I am excited to announce a rebrand of the MetaCX podcast from Revenue Revolutionaries to Value Builders to share a new roster of powerful and wide-ranging conversations surrounding the topics central to commercial and social value creation.

The Enterprise Value Chain Is Broken

In this interconnected world, one business’s output is another’s input, creating an endless stream of value across entire industries and ecosystems. But is this exchange of value working as it should? Unfortunately not. Recent events have proven that the enterprise value chain is broken.

RevRev Ep. 32 - Brian Hall and Lauren Decker

Brian Hall and Lauren Decker of Carema Consulting unpack the relationship between product marketing and customer success highlighting the importance of talking to customers and building a journey mapping strategy centered on the jobs customers need to complete.

Deep Customer Collaboration Explained

Deep customer collaboration builds on the deep collaboration concept that productivity and collaboration applications are on a collision course—an output of the evolution of the way people work.

RevRev Ep. 31 - Steve Sanchez

Steve gives a peek into what has fueled the Gong business to greatness. He shares how creating raving fans is the #1 operating principle for the company alongside his charter to build customer loyalty through value delivery.

RevRev Ep. 30 - Irvine Sloan

Hear Irvine Sloan, VP of Strategic Account Management at Duke Energy, share how he thinks about building his strategic account management team through a curated collection of skill sets he calls 'superpowers'.


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