Learn how Co.Lab is helping B2B SaaS companies define a strategy and build a working prototype of their future-state customer experience.

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Transformation Powered by MetaCX and Valuize

Since we launched MetaCX, we’ve met with hundreds of B2B revenue leaders who, almost to a person, have the exact same reaction to what we’re doing. This reaction has two parts:

  1. First, there’s a ton of enthusiasm: They tell us that the problem we’re solving is real and important, and our approach to outcomes-based selling and success is 100% right.
  2. Then there’s fear: Transforming selling and success as one “steel thread” experience for revenue teams and customers sounds both really right … and really hard.

Truthfully, we agree with both reactions. MetaCX is different–and unapologetically so. We bear this extra burden because the way B2B revenue organizations have attempted to take on the challenge of managing renewable revenue is, quite frankly, wrong. Simply differentiating on the as-is would be an insufficient half measure. We have no interest in being another half-measure.

But that’s not to say that every B2B company is ready to take on this change in a wholesale way. They want a simple, low-risk entry point. They want a way to design the future-state alongside the current-state as the first step into a B2B customer lifecycle transformation.

For that reason, MetaCX and Valuize Consulting launched Co.Lab, a joint innovation offering that provides a strategic blueprint, an implementation roadmap, and working prototype of the future-state B2B customer lifecycle as a way to step into this necessary change. We see this as a scaled-down, simplified version of the sort of innovation labs you’d expect to find in a large enterprise where the future is being incubated, unobtrusively, alongside a running business.

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